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Palace Stock Tracker 4 uses a simple file-based database and is a lightweight (easy to maintain) alternative to Palace Stock Tracker 5.
Palace Stock Tracker 5 is better for larger organisations with internal IT as it requires SQL Server Express (or better).

When a database is first created a 21 day licence key will be downloaded automatically (Internet connection required).

After 21 days, new items cannot be added without purchasing a licence. All other features will always be accessible (data can always be viewed in the normal way even without a licence).

When you are ready to purchase software simply contact Palace IT with your installation key (found on the top title bar). Palace IT can then issue a licence which will download automatically when you next log into the software. If you don't have an Internet connection Palace IT can supply a keycode which can be entered into the Administration area manually.

All other computers connected to the database will automatically be registered when they next login.

The software can be either rented or purchased outright. Rented installations will automatically download keycodes on a periodic basis, when renting an active Internet connection is required on at least one computer using the sofware regularly (keycodes are downloaded on login).

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